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Signature Automotive Products has opened its fourth strategically-placed warehouse, this one in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California.  This warehouse is strategically located to serve restylers in the Western states that account for a significant portion of Signature’s volume.

Restylers in the Western states may now pick-up their sunroofs from the California warehouse, or request that Signature ship their sunroof orders directly from there.  Restylers in the Northern California market may now minimize their capital investment in inventory stocks and pick up their sunroofs as often as weekly.  Restylers in the Western states currently receive their inventory stocks from Signature’s other warehouses, so by Signature arranging shipping products from its Western warehouse, restylers will see a two to three day shortening of delivery times, plus realize freight cost savings from their carrier of choice.

The Western warehouse joins Signature’s other three warehouses in Wixom, Michigan Dallas, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia that serve effectively its regional customers.  Five years ago Signature maintained only one warehouse, but as its customer base has grown and quick order fulfillment becomes critical, restylers can now restock quicker and cheaper.   Restylers in Western states particularly have been challenged with high freight costs and long lead times; Signature’s Western warehouse eliminates these obstacles to profitability.  “While overwhelming demand for Signatures new line of sunroofs delayed the opening of the Western warehouse, it has always been our plan to serve our Western customers better,” stated Dave Gienapp, Signature’s president.  “Now that our manufacturing volumes have increased and new Western-based restylers have continued to express interest in our world-class sunroofs, it became a natural progression to open our fourth strategic location.  Our business, just like our restylers’ business, is all about service and satisfying customer needs in a timely fashion.  With this new warehouse we believe we can satisfy current and future demands nation-wide.”

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