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WIXOM, MI. August 16, 2012.


Signature Automotive Products has begun distributing the new Galaxy Spoiler Sunroof.  This Galaxy replaces the 450 Series spoiler sunroofs that Signature manufactured and sold for the last five years.  The Galaxy Spoiler has beneficial enhancements not found on the discontinued model and represents an opportunity for Restylers to more effectively compete in the marketplace.  Additionally, the Galaxy is the largest spoiler sunroof available in the market; the glass area is nearly 15% larger than the popular spoiler marketed by our competitor.

The Galaxy Spoiler includes important enhancements including an illuminated one-touch open/close switch complete with key-off auto close and a two part sunshade that allows for the unit to be installed in shorter vehicles and those with swept roof lines.  The glass size of the Galaxy Spoiler is 15% larger and the day-light opening is 33% greater in the new spoiler than in the spoiler it replaces.  The Galaxy Spoiler carries the same Signature Automotive warranty of   3-years / 36,000 miles.

The Galaxy Spoiler is available immediately; Signature has a limited supply of the 450 Spoiler Sunroof remaining in its inventory stock, but when those stocks are depleted, customers will be directed to purchase the enhanced Galaxy Spoiler.  “While the 450 Series Spoiler was well received in the marketplace, advances in sunroof manufacturing technology and disruptions in our supply chain called for a more technological advanced spoiler,” said Dave Gienapp, President of Signature Automotive.  “Fortunately, we are able to maintain and supply the Galaxy Spoiler that includes enhanced features that we believe our customers will find easier to install and easier to market to their customer base.  The enhanced features of the Galaxy Spoiler, especially its large glass size, are spot on with current market demands.”

Customers should contact our customer representatives within Signature’s Customer Service and Support staff at 800-521-9753.

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